Rugby Charters

To all the Rugby fans out there who want to support their team’s next away match, Redair Charters can offer you the perfect opportunity.

Redair Charters specialise in providing unforgettable days out. Arrive at an airport of your choice, meet your pilot for the day and board our luxury VIP aircraft, where he will fly you without any security delays to the closest airport to the game. He will then fly you back home at a time of your choice.

No long drives with traffic jams, no hassle, just a short flight with your friends, a good rugby match and home in time for dinner

Some of the greatest rugby stadiums in the world are just an hours flying time away!

We garentee our prices can’t be beaten from Shoreham Airport!

Redair Charter is the only approved charter operator based at Shoreham Airport and works hard to be the most competitive in the South East. If you can find a cheaper price than us then we would like to know about it!

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