Training Courses

Sky Leisure Aviation has been in the forefront of flight training at Shoreham for more than twenty five years. Very few know more about flight training at Shoreham than CFI Martyn Blunden, he originally qualified for his PPL at Shoreham in 1977. Although normally training fight instructors, Martyn is also a CAA approved Flight Examiner. SkyLeisure Aviation is part of the Rediar Group operating at Blackbushe and Redhill aerodromes as well as Shoreham.

We are approved by the UK CAA to carry out all forms of flight training from JAR/FCL PPL through to Multi-Engine Ratings and the JAR/FCL Commercial Licence. We also specialise in Flight Instructor Ratings. The great experience of the flight instructors at SkyLeisure ensures the student is given the best possible training to help them progress through their course.

More information on Private and Commercial training.


Training and Private Hire Rates 

Private Hire

Cessna 152 —————————– £ 136.00 p/hr (incl VAT, block times)

PA28 Warrior —————————£ 170.00 p/hr (incl VAT, block times)

PA28 Archer —————————- £ 191.00 p/hr (incl VAT, block times)

PA28R Arrow—————————£ 223.00 p/hr (incl VAT, block times)

PA34 Seneca—————————- £406.00 p/hr (incl VAT, block times)

Discounts of up to 10% available on block booking (no restriction on time taken)

Basic Flight Training

  Cessna 152 ——————————- £ 167.00 p/hr (incl VAT, block times)

PA28-161 Warrior ———————- £ 195.00 p/hr (incl VAT, block times)

PA28-181 Archer ———————- £ 217.00 p/hr (incl VAT, block times)

PA28R Arrow————————— £ 249.00 p/hr (incl VAT, block times)

PA34 Seneca—————————- £ 470.00 p/hr (incl VAT, block times)

There are small aditional charges for Night Qualification, IMC Rating and Aerobatics training.

Course prices can be found under the relevant course information.

Club membership fee is £95.00 p.a.