Aircraft On Ground (AOG) Time-critical

For time-critical cargo please call us o1273 464 422 between 0900 and 1800 local.

Email us at  for out of hours urgent inquires 24 hour 07941858663

Our aircraft can be fuelled, crewed, flights planned and ready to go, depending on requirements, from as little as 45minutes; with an average of 1.5hours. We are always ready to go!

The earliest we can be airborne is 7am and the latest is 9pm (times maybe subject to out of hours charges). After these hours the airport is closed.

Shoreham Airport is conveniently situated alongside the main A27 South Coast trunk road, directly linked to the A/M 23, for easy delivery of parts. Being a small regional airport access the loading apron is speedy and straight forward. Of course we can also reposition to any aerodrome for collection of cargo.

Redair operations is on call 24 hours a day, ensuring a rapid response to any request for the swift transfer of urgent airline Aircraft-on-Ground (AOG) time-critical components, together with aircrew / engineering staff positioning flights, medical repatriation and human organ flights.