Flight Instructor Courses

SkyLeisure has run highly successful Flying Instructor Courses for many years. With some of the most experienced instructors in the field, SkyLeisure Aviation specialises in both full and part time instructor courses. As well as the basic course, we offer the full range of additional Flight Instructor Courses: Night, Instrument, Multi-Engine and Aerobatic.

The Flight Instructor (Restricted) course comprises 30 hours flight training in the Cessna 152 and a comprehensive ground school of 125 hours. The flight test is carried out at Shoreham normally by one of our own Flight Instructor Examiners.

The FI(R) Rating entitles the instructor to carry out flight training for the JAA PPL under the supervision of an unrestricted FI on the class of aircraft on which the test was taken. The FI(R) is not permitted to supervise the 1st student solo day or night flight or the 1st solo navigation flight. To remove the supervisory restriction, the FI(R)

Must complete at least 100hrs of flight instruction under supervision, and have supervised at least 25 student solo flight.

Before embarking on the course it is useful for the student instructor to revise subjects such as Principles of Flight, Navigation, Rules of the Air and licensing  requirements. A core part of the course is learning how to teach adults and how to adapt teaching style to suit the student pilot. The flying part of the course is basically a revision of the PPL syllabus exercises flown from an instructor’s point of view. Firstly the student instructor is taught how to teach a part of a lesson and then given the opportunity to practice to his/her instructor. Analysing and correcting mistakes during training is a key learning point of the lessons. Ground school works in a similar way, with the student instructor given lectures and briefings but then given the opportunity to practice them in front of his/her tutor. By the end of the course the student instructor will be very competent at delivering lectures on technical subjects, pre-flight briefings and most of all have the ability to instructor a flight lesson to a high standard.

The test itself is comprised of several sections; a ground school lecture, a pre-flight briefing and a flight that tests the ability of the student instructor to teach a selection of airborne exercises.

FI(R) Course Price (incl. vat)

(Does not include touch and go or landing fees)

30hrs Flight Instruction in C152 (all ground school incl.)…………………….. £7,995.00

30hrs Flight Instruction in PA28-161 (all ground school incl.)…….………….. £8,247.00


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