Night Qualification

The Night Qualification is an enjoyable addition to the daytime VFR licence held by a PPL. It obviously allows the pilot operate the aircraft during the hours of darkness and see the world below from a new perspective.

The course duration is 5hrs flying, starting with a night familiarisation flight. Most of the course is made up of dual training in circuits and navigation, but with a requirement that 5 solo take-offs and landings are also completed.

As night flying can be a mix of instrument and visual flying, those who already hold an IMC rating will find the course quite straightforward. Those without an IMC will benefit from some instrument flying revision before starting the course, of say a couple of hours.

The experience, knowledge and skills acquired during the training enable the pilot to fly confidently at night in VMC (Visual Meteorological Conditions). The course can be undertaken in any of our aircraft, as they are all fully equipped for night flying.

Normally at Shoreham night flying takes place between the beginning of November and the end of March, due to the closing times of the airport. There is no ground exam for the course and your instructor will sign off your training as complete once a competent standard has been reached. You will then need to apply to the CAA to have the restriction of “No Night Flying” removed from your licence.

Course Price (incl. vat)

(Does not include touch & go or landing fees)

5hrs Dual Instruction in C152…………………….. £832.25

5hrs Dual Instruction in PA28…………………….. £958.40

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