Night Instructor Courses

The Night Instructor course comprises 1hour flight training in the Cessna 152 and a thorough 2 hours of ground school.

Usually completed around early November at Shoreham when night flying becomes practical within the airport opening times.

The Night Rating can be completed and added to an FI(R) rating. The course involves circuit training with emergencies and some night navigation.

Before embarking on the course it is useful for the student instructor to revise some of the subjects particularly appropriate to night flying such as, Meteorological changes and effects at night, visual effects, flight planning and instrument flying. Although these will be covered during the ground school element. Human factors of flying at night are also in important topic to understand.

There is no test for the rating, but the FIC instructor will need to sign your rating application on competent completion of the course.


Course Price (incl. vat)

(Does not include touch and go or landing fees)

1hr Flight Instruction in C152 (ground school incl.)………………………….. £303