Kite Surfing Charters

Shoreham is famous as one of the best coastlines for kite surfing in the UK and on a nice day with a strong south west wind the beaches quickly fill up with enthusiasts.

The south coast is home to some of the best kite surfers in the world but those northerly winds can soon put a stop to it all  and sometimes for weeks.

Well don’t let that stop you! With Redhill Charters we can have you and your mates riping it up at Watergate Bay even with a northerly wind!

Good wind conditions for Watergate Bay are from SSW to N

Split the cost between you and your friends and the cost is less that you might think

We guarantee our prices can’t be beaten from Shoreham Airport!

Redhill Charter is the only approved charter operator based at Shoreham Airport and we work hard to be the most competitive in the South East. If you can find a cheaper price than us then we would like to know about it!