Horse Racing Charters

Day at the races!

Are you a horse racing enthusiast?  Why not charter an aircraft to take your friends, family, or work colleagues and complete your ultimate racing day out.

With our aircraft, we can land at the nearest airports (and in some cases at the race track) making your travelling time as short as possible, allowing you to make the most of your day.

On arrival at the airport you could be airborne within 15 minutes.  On route you could be drinking champagne with your friends aboard your luxurious private aircraft and step out in style at the race track itself ready to enjoy your day.

Venues that we have charted to before are:

Goodwood, Newbury, Newmarket, Doncaster and Deaville

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We garentee our prices can’t be beaten from Shoreham Airport!

Redhill Charters is the only approved charter operator based at Shoreham Airport and we work hard to be the most competitive in the South East. If you can find a cheaper price than us then we would like to know about it!