Multi-Engine Instructor

The Multi-Engine Instructor course comprises a minimum of 5hours flight training in the Piper PA34 Seneca and ground school dependent on qualification. If you require a stand alone MEP Instructor rating, then 25 hours of ground school is required, if however you are adding the MEP Instructor rating to an existing and current FI Rating then the ground school element is reduced to a minimum of 10 hours.

The course involves learning the techniques required to teach all normal the manoeuvres, single–engine operation and emergency procedures.

The ground school covers such things as performance, wt. and bal., propeller theory and the effect of single engine operation on performance amongst others.

The flight test is carried out from Shoreham normally with an in house examiner.


Course Price (incl. vat)

(Does not include approach, touch and go or landing fees)

5hrs Flight Instruction in PA34 (ground school incl.)………………………….. £2,749


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