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Stuart Passes his PPL Skill Test

/ January 23rd, 2014 / No Comments »

Congratulations to Stuart Manners for passing his PPL Skill Test on the 7th December 2013 and he has now taken his first passenger for a sightseeing trip over the beautiful Sussex countryside. The broad smiles shown on their return was evidence of an enjoyable first adventure into the world of recreational flying! We wish him many, many hours of exhilarating flying in the future.

Another CPL Instructor for Omega Fllight Training

/ January 23rd, 2014 / No Comments »

Ben Barden has joined the existing team of CPL Flight Instructors at Omega Flight Training. He is a very welcome addition to the team of Martyn, Cedric and Sarah the current team. Ben has been with the company for several years and is also one of the charter pilots on the Piper Seneca and Piper Chieftain aircraft.

Refreshed Flight Operations Room

/ January 21st, 2014 / No Comments »

With a change of ownership and new name SkyLeisure Aviation is becoming Omega Flight Training. One of the first things to change was an update to the Flight Operations room. New equipment, furnishings and decoration give the reception area and Ops Room a fresh look for the future of flight training at the long established flying school. The CFI (Martyn Blunden) continues in post with many of the long established staff that have flown with SkyLeisure for many years. New aircraft will also be on their way in 2014 as part of the overhaul and update of the company. Omega Flight Training will be one of the first UK Flight Training Organisations to be approved by the CAA to deliver the EASA PPL and LAPL courses as well as the usual CPL, FIC and Multi-engine courses under full compliance to Part FCL (rather than on grandfather rights).

Part of being an EASA approved ATO is ensuring compliance with the new requirements of a full Operations Manual, a Safety Management System and a Compliance Monitoring System. This gives the student pilot the reassurance that the training delivered is of a highly professional standard at all times and is monitored for its safety performance. However, the staff at Omega Flight Training never forget that flying training for a private licence is also meant to be an enjoyable pursuit as well as an education!



Another CPL in minimum time!

/ May 2nd, 2012 / No Comments »

Congratulations to Laith Bakalka for completing is CPL training (including 170A) in the minimum course time and passing the CPL Skill Test first time.

Three Instructors Qualify in January

/ May 2nd, 2012 / No Comments »

Congratulations to Max Williams for passing the FI(R) Rating Skill Test in January 2012. Immediately after the training Max has taken up a full time instructor post at Redhill Aerodrome with Redhill Aviation. Max originally learnt his PPL skills at Headcorn Airfield before completing his commercial training at CTC, he then trained at SkyLeisure Aviation for his Instructor Rating.

Congratulations are also due to Alan Maynard and Alan Stokes who completed the Class Rating Instructor course and passed the test at Shoreham. Both are airline pilots with a desire to share their professional experience with private pilots. The CRI allows them the privilege of teaching a PPL how to improve their skills, and therefore, also benefit from their vast knowledge of a carreer in aviation.

Rugby charters for the 6 Nations

/ February 3rd, 2012 / No Comments »

If you have tickets or would like to see one of the 6 Nations games but can’t bare a long drive with the possibility of spending a night away from home then REDAIR CHARTERS is your solution.

We can fly you to anywhere in Europe to see the game and be back home again in time for dinner. We can accommodate between 1 to 7 passengers in our luxury VIP aircraft with a personal service.


Don’t miss out this year!

We garentee our prices can’t be beaten from Shoreham Airport!

Redair Charter is the only approved charter operator based at Shoreham Airport and works hard to be the most competitive in the South East. If you can find a cheaper price than us then we would like to know about it!

Shoreham – new IR Test Centre

/ December 15th, 2011 / 3 Comments »

Due to the changes being brought about by EASA regulations the traditional IR test centres are being closed. This has opened up the opportunity for airfields such as Shoreham to advantage of the great training history it has, to become a new base for initial IR tests. This puts SkyLeisure Aviaton on a more equal footing (with operators at the original flight test centres) for initial IR flight training and testing, as students will no longer have to reposition with their aircraft to another airfield (e.g. Bournemouth) for the CAA flight test.

SkyLeisure Aviation has a long history of flight training for the Instrument Rating (as well as training Instrument Rating Instructors) and now has been given the facility to arrange initial IR flight tests at its base airfield. We have always been able to base renewal IR flight tests from Shoreham and will continue to do so, but allowing initial tests from Shoreham Airfield will enable us to offer our excellent personal service, competitively to a wider pilot customer base.

We pride ourselves in the personal attention we give to students, which may not be available at larger more impersonal organisations, to help them through the more difficult stages of the training. This new development in the regulations will give us a greater opportunity to offer this service to more trainee IR pilots.

Forward Bookings for Instructor Courses 2012

/ December 15th, 2011 / 3 Comments »

Forward bookings for all instructor courses are looking strong for SkyLeisure Aviation. CFI Martyn Blunden reported that there are already a number of bookings for Flight Instructor (Restricted) FI(R), Instrument Rating Instructor (IRI) , Multi-Engine Instructor (MEP CRI), and Single Engine Class Rating Instructor (SEP CRI) courses for 2012. This is testament to SkyLeisure being one of the best flight training schools in the area, particularly in the field of flight instructor training.

MEP pass in minimum time.

/ December 15th, 2011 / No Comments »

Hearty congratulations to Ben Barden for completing his Multi-Engine Piston (MEP) flight training in the minimum time (6hrs) and passing the flight test first time. SkyLeisure Aviation uses the Piper Seneca III PA34 for MEP flight training at Shoreham. This provides the student with the experience of using turbocharged engines and classic “three lever” engine controls. Although not nesscesarly the easiest twin to learn on, once mastered it equips the pilot with superior skills to cope with different types twin engine aircraft. Of course, the highly experienced flight instructors at SkyLeisure ensure that most courses are completed within the minimum prescribed time, with a first time pass. Contact us to take advantage of the best flight training available at Shoreham Airport.

Olympic Charters

/ November 22nd, 2011 / 1 Comment »

Redair Charters is the answer to beating all the Olympic congestion!

With Shoreham airports excellent rail and road connection to London, you can get from northern Europe to central London within 2 hours.

With Redair Charters you can be sure to receive excellent customer care, a reliable service at competitive prices.

If you are looking into ways of getting to the London Olympic but want to avoid all the extra security checks, congestion and delays please contact us for a free no obligation quote

Let us turn your travel nightmare into a hassle free dream

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